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Meet Awyken's Coach of the Month:

Toni Pelayo

Awyken has provided Toni Pelayo the amazing opportunity to take her God given gift and do something she was called to do! Toni has created a life coaching practice designed to help women explore their talents and find their purpose through the Holy Spirit. She is a Christian guide/mentor that directs young women to Christ, helping them to actively seek His face in all situations and to grow in faithful confidence. She emphasizes the importance of trusting God and His ability to take any situation and bring blessings out of it with all of her clients.


Toni is most proud of witnessing her clients go from a hopeless state to believing that they can do and be the women they were called to be!

Coach Toni Pelayo's success does not stop there. In addition to running her own coaching practice, she is currently training to become one of Awyken's Life Coach teachers; enabling her to teach and mentor within the Awyken classroom! 

Reach out to Awyken Life Coach Toni Pelayo today: