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We strive to develop each Awyken coach to address the personal and business needs of their clients, while following Biblical Principles. Our coaches leave our program with the understanding, respect, standards and competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We furthermore encourage our Awyken Life Purpose Coaches to utilize their God-given talents to grow their coaching business. 



To hold the title of an Awyken Life Coach is a prestigious one, indeed. After talking to a few of our own Certifed Awyken Professional Life Coaches, we’ve come up with a list of 6 reasons why anyone could benefit from becoming a certified AWYKEN Life Coach!


1.    You finally get the chance to serve your life purpose. – Awyken provides a curriculum that entices the “ah-ha” moments to surface within your life. Whether it be you or your client, the Awyken coaching process shines light on discovering one's life purpose.


2.    You share the opportunity to honor another’s life purpose. – By undergoing the process as both coach and client when in training, you develop the necessary tools to help others discover and pursue their life purpose.


3.    You learn to encourage others without passing judgement. – We get paid to be a listening ear and to ask the right questions! Great questions lead to even greater solutions. Our job is not to counsel or push around, but rather to walk alongside others in pursuing dreams, desires, and wants.


4.    You inspire others to perform at their highest levels. – Awyken Life Coaches are naturally gifted at maintaining a positive outlook on life and they tend to be great at bringing out the best gifts in others!


5.    You offer clarity to your clients – By learning to guide others to be more aware of what’s going on in their life, you help them strengthen their weaknesses! Clarity and vision renewal is the best gift you can offer a person who needs the encouragement!


6.    You incorporate God into the picture – unlike other Life Coach programs, Awyken encourages the teachings of biblical principles. If it has been written, it should be shared! Awyken Life Coaching provides others the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God as a new or veteran believer! God wants to fulfill the promise He has for you and those around you!


There’s still time to register for our updated Awyken Level 1 Coach Training! 

Awyken restores your ability to dream and envision what you have the capacity to DO & BE!

-Charline Sistrunk

Charline Sistrunk

Why We're Great >

The Awyken Training brought about a personal transformation for me and that is what empowers me to help transform others into all that God has called them to be!

-Donovan Dee Donnell

Donovan Dee Donnell

Why We're Great >

I've learned to master my business and grow into the person I was destined to be. I have written three books and coach over 10 individuals a month! Awyken has truly helped me discover my divine purpose.

Desmond Blackburn

Why We're Great >

"Those whom bless others will be abundantly blessed themselves; those whom help others are helped."

Proverbs 11:25 (MSG)

Make a donation today & provide coaching services for Transition-Aged Foster Youth.

The Awyken Coaching Ministry has partnered with The Nehemiah Project LA (NPLA). Your donations help provide Professional Life, Career, and Business coaching to the foster youth community! Interested in learning more about our partnership with NPLA? Send us an inquiry

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