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Remote Team Meeting

Professional Training-Level 2 is taught over two parts, each part lasting 6 consecutive weeks, meeting 1x a week via zoom.


This class provides the information needed to start your very own coaching business. Within this course, you will deepen your understanding of the skills, techniques, and knowledge learned in Level 1. You will have the opportunity to discover your own niche as a Professional Awyken Coach. You will get the chance to meet, network, and learn from other successful/active Awyken Coaches who want to support you as you continue to reap the benefits of the seeds you have sown as a member of the Awyken Family.


As an Awyken Coach you possess the power to transform lives, and we want to provide you the necessary tools to do so!


To discuss the available payment plans leading up to your class please contact us directly:

Professional Training!




At Awyken we not only train our coaches, but walk alongside them throughout their coaching journey! With that being said, our professional coaches have a track record of doing AMAZING things with their coaching business and we want to share their stories with YOU! Whether you're looking for a coach or some inspiration, these are some amazing people you will WANT to get to know! 

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